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Tag: Business Management

Business Analytics: How to access Data Easily?

Companies nowadays are data driven that makes it their main focus in decision making. People are thinking of gathering the data first before looking at the different factors which help them arrive at one decision. Product managers and developer are now focusing on building systems and using a variety of techniques to liberate data and make it easier to analyze and making it more accessible to the people who would need it. Advanced technology and a more widespread adoption of systems that allow to predict the potential risks by giving accurate measurements.     A more powerful visualization are...

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How To Deal With Crisis Management?

Crisis occurs within an organization the least it is expected, creating tremor to the foundation of the business. It threatens to harm the organization because of its element of surprise and requires decision making on a very short notice. It also means that the old system is not working out effectively and thus needs to be changed. This unpredictable event could bring potential risks which are needed to be taken care of. Crisis Management should be effectively utilized. This is the application of various strategies and techniques designed to help the company to cope with a sudden blow of a...

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How To Motivate Your Project Team?

Motivation is the reason or the factor that pushes us to do something. Motivation serves as the driving force that moves the business to progress. It is a theoretical construct to explain behavior. It drives the people to act, to create desires and needs. Motivation gives direction to people to achieve a specific goal.     Organizations promote and conduct activities to awaken the desire of its people. These motivation theories are anchored to the following theories:   The Theories of Motivation: Acquired Needs Theory People get motivated when they expect incentives or tokens after performing well. Companies may...

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What Management Styles to Promote in a Workplace?

Managers need to develop their management style relative to the others. Every leader has a unique style on dealing with people. These styles may be applied depending on the situation that occurs. Some management styles may be effective to one circumstance and may not in the other.     The leadership method used by the manager will affect the behavior of his employees. These could be either positive or negative. The manager should be aware of the different management styles to be employed in different situations.   Autocratic Autocratic managers decide for the whole team without seeking for help...

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Excellent Ways to handle Conflicts !!!

Conflicts are expected to occur even when things seem to be going fine. It is inevitable in an organization consists of different individuals, with different personalities, skills and attitudes. Some disagreements or arguments may arise due to dissimilar beliefs or simply because the goals of the company on a particular project are not achieved.     Though brainstorming happens in meetings and some problems are foreseen, there is a tendency that an issue may pop out from somewhere. These unexpected and unanticipated problems serve as a big challenge to the people in charge of the team and situation within...

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