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How Leadership is Important In Program Management?

Project managers may be one of the most sought-after jobs in the business industry because of the benefits and higher rate salary and not to mention an opportunity to handle small to large projects. But not everyone wanted to be a project manager—rather they prefer to be a program manager; almost the same benefit, but has a separate role altogether. Besides the project manager being mistaken as a program manager, another misconception that the key roles of the project manager and program manager are exactly the same, so there’s no need to do an elaborate comparison about it. Yes,...

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Identify a Program Manager from a Project Manager

To be able to fully understand the differences between a program manager and a project manager, there must be a clear definition of program management and project management.     The Program Management Program management is the process of managing multiple related on-going projects.  This include series of tasks  include planning, monitoring, and reporting of ongoing activities, cost/schedule tracking, clerical, other administrative support, and grants to states and localities. Program Management also reflects the emphasis on coordinating and prioritizing resources across projects, departments, and entities to insure that resource contention is managed from a global focus. Meanwhile a program manager...

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