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Tag: Project Management Best Practices

What It Means to be a Project Auditor?

  When keeping watch of a project, auditing is the automatic method. It is essential in a sense that it makes sure that every financial, business and project aspects are controlled and utilized properly. It keeps the management from scattering all over the place.     Different tasks in the project involve more than fulfilling projects within time-sensitive schedules or gathering data—it also means that the whole management or team must work together in order for resources, time, and the roles to be as efficient as possible. For project auditors, it’s part of their duty to ensure that everything...

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How Should You Keep Project Records?

Project management is using commands to meet the deadlines and the requirements that the company has made. These commands should also be made by systematic project record management and must be adhering to the company objectives. It is a way for arranging, planning and tracking files in the time of course of the project’s accomplishment. Record management is also known as Records and Information Management. This is a professional training on how to manage the records by a management team.     The Rules The project record system is systematic method which includes the following: Kind of details that...

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