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Servant Leadership – It Works

The copier was out of toner. Anyone who understands copiers understands that toner is the ink that actually allows copies to be made. For teachers, who tend to copy reams of learning materials for their students, this can be a disaster. To make matter worse in this particular instance was the fact that the budget for the machine lease and supplies was at $0.00, and two weeks was left in the school year. The principal called the machine supplier and put two toner cartridges on his personal credit card, then got in his car and went to pick them...

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Leadership Styles and Their Corresponding Definitions You Need to Know

There are many ways on how the manager and higher-ups implement leadership in their team or subordinates. These leadership styles have been around for a long time and become one of the major foundations of team dynamics. Martin Luther King Jr., Steve Jobs, and John F. Kennedy—all these people possess distinct types of leadership and stirred various reactions from their followers. Hence, there is no single leader. Every person can fit in any type of mold of what type of leader they want to be.     As organizations start to establish their place in the market, both psychologist...

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How to be a Great Leader and Set as an Example?

Everyone is in a rat race and aiming for survival. Leadership is one of the skills which companies aspire to have in their employees. However, it is rare to find someone who possesses great leadership skills. Because of the competitive nature of the business nowadays, more and more companies begin to realize that what they need are people who can perform well in terms of leading people. This skill is essential in making other employees obey and follow the rules of the company that leads to harmony and this drives the company to success. Greater emphasis is now given...

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