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Tag: Project Failure

6 Reasons You’re Not Improving From Project Failure

They say that you can learn a lesson from mistakes or failures. But some people never learn and thus end up making the same blunder over and over again. Project failures are not just about the failure of projects or failure to conserve resources. It also means not learning or the unwillingness of learning from mistakes, current and past ones. Thus, your performance and the project itself become a failure as well.     The factors for project failure are deeper than you think. Sometimes you can see them on the surface, but it happens that most of them...

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Project Failure : How to Learn From ?

When you failed a project, it seems like it’s the end of the world. You berate yourself for letting such things happen and you wrack your brains for reasons why a project resulted in failure. Turns out, it’s not the end of the world and project failures are one of the most common reasons we learn from our mistakes.   When you experienced something terrible, usually it’s hard to forget it. This means it’s also not easy to simply forget the lessons that you learned from it. Even if you fail twice or more than that, for the record,...

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