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Tag: Project Management Principles and Practices

Why You Need to Understand Project Management Basics ?

Remember your first day at work? Your first week was to learn the ropes of your job and gain knowledge about the organization you work for. This also applies when you are obtaining knowledge in regards to project management basics. You don’t need to be a project manager, nor certified to comprehend project management basics. In fact, everyone who is involved with working on projects should be able to cover them. Learning project management basics don’t need to involve a complicated set of know-hows. They are simple and easy to remember—that’s why they’re called basics for a reason. Below...

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The 10 Important Laws Of a Good Project Management

So you are now part of the project management team. In fact, you are the project leader, a project manager, who’s responsibilities managing your own team, spearheading a project, and managing available resources. But here comes the hard part: how to make your project successful?     Organizations make it a point to embed mission statements as well as principles or practices that they want their employees to embrace. Such existing factors help different divisions in the organization to remain relevant and to be able to achieve success by sticking to their tried and tested principles.   But what do...

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