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The Hidden Truth About Strategic Planning

Let us make this clear: strategic planning is a procedure, an  ongoing process that takes a long time to manifest itself to a finished result. It involves a lot of tasks, managing different types of resources and tools, and not to mention it takes strategic thinking to actually make it effective.   You might wonder why we are doing strategic planning in the first place; depending on the organization’s goal, it could be for the purpose of short-term or long-term status. Regardless, strategic planning doesn’t become a success overnight.     Understanding the Short-Term and Long-Term Perspective Since strategic...

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How to Make a Strategic Plan ? – { Part 5 }

This is the fifth and last part of the strategy planning series and it covers several aspects of a strategy plan. The last three questions discuss changes in the strategy plan, implementation, and the people that are part of the process.     How Will You Acquire Members’ Buy-In Of The Organization? A support can go a long way, especially if we have to ask them from the higher-ups. The pattern in some organizations goes like this: Come up with a strategy plan, implement it, checking the process, support from the CEO, everything’s good. But it’s not a happy...

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How to Make a Strategic Plan ? – { Part 4 }

We are now on part four of our five-part series of strategy planning, plan within a plan. If you want to gather more information on how to start your own strategic planning, you can check the preceding articles that cover different questions under different areas of the strategy. The main subjects of this article are the strategy resources needed in order to implement strategy planning and its processes and tasks. Just like the common plan we encounter when coming up with a business or project, strategy resources are crucial factors of an organization—you can utilize them in any area such...

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How to Make a Strategic Plan ? – { Part 3 }

We are now in the third part of our plan within a planning stage where we now cover a new set of questions; this time focusing on the timeframe plan and how to utilize it for a successful strategic planning implementation.     What’s Your Timeframe Plan? Meetings or sessions are arranged to be able for everyone to come up with unique ideas for the mission, vision, and objective. Such action is crucial because you get to pick each other’s brain and generate a combination of plan, approaches, and tasks. The suitable timeframe plan for your task, schedule, resources,...

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How to Make a Strategic Plan ? – { Part 2 }

In the previous article, we talked about the first three questions in our strategic plan that will help you organized the information needed for your strategy outline. This is the second part of our strategic planning series where we analyze the next set of questions. Our sole focus right now is the planning model and reach of the plan.     What is The Plan’s Reach or Scope? Long-term doesn’t always guarantee that you are locked in and not vulnerable to the risks and threats. You see long-term as a new beginning for your future, but that doesn’t mean...

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How to Make a Strategic Plan ? – { Part 1 }

Do you know that strategic planning undergoes a stage? A process needs to implement and even you have a definite goal in mind, there are goals that need to achieve first before reaching the core objective. This article is divided into five parts and the first article will tackle the following questions to ask yourself if strategic planning is right for you, the right committee, and the reasons of strategic planning implementation.     A plan is a roadmap when and where your plan and organization are headed. It provides you direction as well as information. Just like in...

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