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Servant Leadership – It Works

The copier was out of toner. Anyone who understands copiers understands that toner is the ink that actually allows copies to be made. For teachers, who tend to copy reams of learning materials for their students, this can be a disaster. To make matter worse in this particular instance was the fact that the budget for the machine lease and supplies was at $0.00, and two weeks was left in the school year. The principal called the machine supplier and put two toner cartridges on his personal credit card, then got in his car and went to pick them...

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Transformational Leader: How To Be One?

Leaders set by example and their job is to ensure that team members are working towards successful tasks. A leader can both hated and loved, depending on how they implement certain styles in the work structure. Some leaders are able to encourage and motivate their members and others don’t. What certain qualities does one leader have that receives a high regard and respect? Why do some leaders don’t receive such treatment? Maybe somewhat leaders who are able to get respect and trust from their members fall under the transformational leader spectrum.   Transformational Leader: A Brief Look Transformational leadership...

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How to Develop Your Leadership Skills: 6 Ways To Do So

Climbing the corporate ladder towards higher ground involve a lot of effort and improving one’s skills and capabilities. Now that you are at the top, are you still growing as a leader? Some leaders dismissed the idea of constantly growing and improving in their field and this cause them to abandon the necessary factors to improve. Leadership skills can be acquired everywhere and by anyone. If you are new to this, it’s time to hone your leadership skills to become more effective in your job as well as able to coordinate successfully with your team members. Below are six easy...

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The 5 Leadership Styles and How to Identify Them

Even they are adhering to the standard protocol of both the project and the organization, managers have their distinct leadership styles when it comes to leading a project or managing their team or resources. You can tell that every leadership style of a person by the way they handle their team members, facilitate meetings or even tackle the existing issues in the project.     Some will find leadership styles hard to deal with—such styles can be too authoritative for others, while for some it can be too intimidating. Leadership styles do exist and it depends on the person...

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The Best Qualities of Strategic Leaders

Strategic leaders are in charge of ensuring that everything is in place to make the right decision at the right time, and to verify that the following methods embedded in the system are effective, quick, practical, and realistic. For a strategic leader, you don’t only have to think strategically, but you also have to possess certain traits and qualities that are considered a crucial key factor in making decisions.     The Best Qualities of Strategic Leaders   Strategic Thinking and Decision-Making  Strategic leaders make decisions that are thoroughly examined and all its factors are reconsidered before deploying them. They involve different types...

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How to be a Great Leader and Set as an Example?

Everyone is in a rat race and aiming for survival. Leadership is one of the skills which companies aspire to have in their employees. However, it is rare to find someone who possesses great leadership skills. Because of the competitive nature of the business nowadays, more and more companies begin to realize that what they need are people who can perform well in terms of leading people. This skill is essential in making other employees obey and follow the rules of the company that leads to harmony and this drives the company to success. Greater emphasis is now given...

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