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The Best Qualities of Strategic Leaders

The Best Qualities of Strategic Leaders

Strategic leaders are in charge of ensuring that everything is in place to make the right decision at the right time, and to verify that the following methods embedded in the system are effective, quick, practical, and realistic. For a strategic leader, you don’t only have to think strategically, but you also have to possess certain traits and qualities that are considered a crucial key factor in making decisions.




Strategic Thinking and Decision-Making 

Strategic leaders make decisions that are thoroughly examined and all its factors are reconsidered before deploying them. They involve different types of people for their decision-making endeavors and ask for their contribution to help their decisions become more secure and effective.

For a strategic leader to be able to surmount in a competitive industry, he or she must engage in the four fields of strategic thinking:


Possessing Imagination

Strategic leaders always make it a point to see that innovation is a journey to exploring the new room for opportunities and growth. They visualize an ideal future for their organization and how they will be able to keep up with the existing competitions in the industry. Strategic leaders might have wild imaginations, but such images they create in their minds are realistic and logical.


Able to Comprehend the Overall Factor of Competition

Strategic leaders understand the overall nitty gritty of a business industry and the existing competitions that come with it. They have an in-depth knowledge of their organization’s competitive advantages and they know how to gain and make grow. They see competitors as their catalyst for success, development, and improvement, not as threats or enemies. For be an effective strategic leader, you must see that such competitions are your pathways towards achieving your organization’s goals.


Skills and Capabilities Awareness

Strategic leaders understand and acknowledge the team’s capacities, talents, and skills that they believe that will contribute to the organization’s success. They value and recognize exceptional skills and expertise and always ensure that they keep a watchful eye on their employees’ performance on different levels in the organization.



Strategic leaders know when and where they set the organization’s course towards its success. They believe that by bringing clear direction and a certain long-term future, their organization can combat any type of issues and threats. On the other hand, strategic leaders will always be go-to mentors of the team, someone the members can look up and turn to.



A strategic leader must represent the vision, mission, value and culture of the organization. Strategic leaders must be catalysts for change, growth, and development and must possess virtue, wisdom, humility, and perseverance. It’s more than just being hardworking or pushing the tea to try their best; it also means they have an entire respect to the people around them as well as on their skills and competence.


Business Intelligence

Strategic leaders must have a full range of knowledge when it comes to business from its structure, down to its subfactors. Whether they belong to a nonprofit organization, strategic leaders must understand the disciplines of cost and resource control, capital, work structures, and systems, and keep an eye for risks and threats.


It’s not an easy task for strategic leaders. Every decision and action they make can have either a positive or negative effect on the organization and team. All in all, the organization’s future and current status depend on them. Despite possessing these skills and qualities, strategic leaders are always evolving, learning, developing, and growing to be able to become more effective in their trade. Their own battle is an entire battle of the organization and the people in it.


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