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Tag: Project Success

How to Run a Successful Project ?

The question is still burning in the minds of people who are working in the management industry: why do projects still fail even all the procedures have been followed religiously?   Even with the advanced tools and methodologies and state of the art metrics, a successful project is still out of reach if you are not aware of what you are doing wrong in the first place. There are so many factors to consider when determining a successful project and you need more than strategies to make that happen.     First, you have to identify the underlying patterns...

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How to Identify and Manage Project Benefits?

The previous article talked about the need to manage project benefits even the source was already managed in the first place. These project benefits usually are in the form of value, competitive advantages, and ROIs. Managing the factors in project management is a struggle to sweat, and benefits are no exception.     To manage these project benefits effectively, you need to be knowledgeable with some tidbits and tricks you can easily pull out from your sleeve. Here are some helpful hints to manage your project benefits smoothly and effectively.   Prepare a Strategy Before Determining the Following Project...

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How to Measure the PMO’s Success ?

Monitoring the project is one of the key processes to ensure that the project undergoes a smooth process. This is why Project Management Office or PMO exists to establish and implement this certain task in order to reach the project’s desired results.     On the other hand, PMO also needs to be under the same process of counter measurement to make sure the success that is present within their spectrum. Since PMO is responsible for the overall project from its process down to its completion, it will be prone to be a subject of questions, especially if the...

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How to set a Project Success Criteria?

The project success does not only rely on the profits it will make or the amount of the deliverables it will beat, as compared to the other companies that offer the same product. The next thing is that companies also do not keep an eye on how many failures it made in some projects. This can be so demotivating and unappealing to look at. So instead of looking at the numbers of mistakes and failures, companies set criteria for each project’s success to keep their people more motivated to perform well. This success will make people ask, “What are...

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3 Project Management Best Practices To Deliver Successful Projects

Managing IT projects comes with great responsibility. Poor project planning, weak management, insufficient resources and poor teamwork are some common culprits for most projects to fail. Your clients will always expect good results that are cost-effective and delivered timely. Despite putting your best efforts, the risk for failure is still relatively high. Therefore it is important that proper project planning and necessary actions need to be taken.     Here are the three best practices that will ultimately lead to your goal: Successful IT projects:   First: Precise Project Planning This will ensure that the project activities run smoothly and...

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