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The 5 Reasons You Need Planning a Strategy

Planning a strategy is time-consuming; apart from exerting so much time and effort in it, you need to gather experienced people for the job. And the people should be devoted and not chicken out once the strategy plan is implemented.     Another factor to take note is when planning a strategy; you cannot go wrong with specific and clear details. From the plan down to its tasks, the strategic plan should be free from vague information and confusing processes. Lack of detailed and complete planning spells disasters than zero planning at all. But the burning question is: why...

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Things You Need to Know About Strategic Planning Trends

Trends are not just limited to the latest fashion craze or pop culture in general; organizations in the market and business industry fall on certain trends when it comes to strategic planning, and non-profit organizations are one of them.     These strategic planning trends change and evolve over time and they are usually in the guise of external factors. Breaking it down into smaller information will help you determine the strategic planning trends that affect non-profit organizations. Financial resources Methods and reevaluating of program outline Program participation from target audience, sponsors, and stakeholders   Despite the diversity in...

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