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Transformational Leader: How To Be One?

Leaders set by example and their job is to ensure that team members are working towards successful tasks. A leader can both hated and loved, depending on how they implement certain styles in the work structure. Some leaders are able to encourage and motivate their members and others don’t. What certain qualities does one leader have that receives a high regard and respect? Why do some leaders don’t receive such treatment? Maybe somewhat leaders who are able to get respect and trust from their members fall under the transformational leader spectrum.   Transformational Leader: A Brief Look Transformational leadership...

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Setting Goals in a Creative Fashion

Setting goals are one of the most sought-after developments in the organization, but they can be vague and hard to achieve. Sometimes they don even have a clear direction. Such things have been an organizational issue since setting goals are hardly being followed up. No one seems interested snough to even take a second look at it.     If you have the steps, ways, and resources in setting goals, but they disorganized and confusing. Not to mention that this will cause you to not take any action at all. If there’s any process present but no action involved...

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Some Things You Need to Understand About Employee Engagement

Employee engagement is still one of the issues that need to be addressed. Lack of employee engagement is also one of the reasons why some organizations fail and do not last half year. Since manpower is the most critical resource in an organization, it should be taken care of. Employees are given a chance to grow and develop their skills and capabilities.     But despite the countless effort and more training for the sake of effective employee engagement, why is it still an issue? People have the diverse mindset and views in regards to employee engagement. It can...

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How Emotional Intelligence Is Important In Leadership?

What makes a perfect leader? Is it the way he or she interacts with his or her staff? Or is it the way he or she speaks? Some people will tell you that a perfect leader for them is someone who never yells and is composed and civil at the same time. Turns out, people who possess such qualities: the calm exterior and civil manner have enough emotional intelligence in their skill arsenal.     Emotional Intelligence and Leadership People with higher emotional intelligence are aware of their emotions and don’t have a hard time controlling and managing these feelings....

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How to Gain Trust with Anyone In The Organization ?

Trust has become a huge factor in our life and for the people around us. It also happens to any existing organization and it’s an important factor in building relationships with your team and the company as a whole. It is fragile because once a trust is broken, it will be too difficult to regain it. That is why trust should be taken care of.     Studies show that organizational trust in the business industry has declined over time, especially in terms of teams and leaders. This results in poor performance during project processes and followed by failed...

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Leadership Styles and Their Corresponding Definitions You Need to Know

There are many ways on how the manager and higher-ups implement leadership in their team or subordinates. These leadership styles have been around for a long time and become one of the major foundations of team dynamics. Martin Luther King Jr., Steve Jobs, and John F. Kennedy—all these people possess distinct types of leadership and stirred various reactions from their followers. Hence, there is no single leader. Every person can fit in any type of mold of what type of leader they want to be.     As organizations start to establish their place in the market, both psychologist...

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