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How to Boost the Rate of Project Success Using Leadership?

To be a good project manager means to be an effective leader. You may have some of the skills required as a perfect candidate for an exceptional manager, but if you lack leadership skills, your team members won’t hand you a respect or trust you are hoping for.     To be a leader takes more than mastering the art of managing or the science of multitasking or possessing confidence and getting the job done on time. He or she as a whole and accompanied by his or her skill must be parallel to the project from its requirements...

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[ Leadership ] : 5 Characteristics That Make You a Leader !!!

The project manager is known to do a lot of things: mitigating risks, juggling tasks, distributing assignments to team members, and monitoring project process. He or she is also known as an all out secretary who facilitates meetings and communicates with the senior executives and clients regularly. If project managers have a dollar every time they work up a sweat, they’ll be millionaires by now.     But despite its duties handed down to them, there are some certain drawbacks. Project managers always have to expect that not everyone is going to like them or approve with the principles...

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The 5 Leader Skills You Need to Adopt in Project Management

A good project manager must possess a lot of skills, including the capability to lead a team. An effective leader can boost his or her subordinates’ motivation and inspiration and can be a mentor to a struggling neophyte.     Leadership comes in different forms and the project manager who has these characteristics is a physical evidence of this. A leader doesn’t only limit to overseeing the tasks of the project or facilitating meetings. Every leader has their strength that stands out from their sea of talents and skills. Usually, when a project manager has this particular skill that...

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