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How to Measure the PMO’s Success ?

Monitoring the project is one of the key processes to ensure that the project undergoes a smooth process. This is why Project Management Office or PMO exists to establish and implement this certain task in order to reach the project’s desired results.     On the other hand, PMO also needs to be under the same process of counter measurement to make sure the success that is present within their spectrum. Since PMO is responsible for the overall project from its process down to its completion, it will be prone to be a subject of questions, especially if the...

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The Factors That You Should Know About Project Management Office

Project Management Office or PMO is both a blessing and a curse; it can either make your organization effective or not. Simply put, it’s not for everyone. And definitely, it’s not for every company.     Before companies embark on a Project Management Office journey, they must balance the benefits and negative effects to determine if they really need it. So, many companies shun PMO altogether or even have a love-hate relationship with it. Even Project Management Office does exist in project management, if it lacks a person in charge of it, it’s going to be ineffective. Sure, these...

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Things You Need to Know About Project Management Office

PMO  or Project Management Office has proven to be useful since its birth because it spearheaded the standard project management that is now used by companies today. From there, project management became an effective tool for the business industries. Project management has become the ends to the means, an improvement and enhancement in terms of cost utilization, members’ functionality, and proper time management.     Simply put, the Project Management Office became a standard method for a project or business’ success. But it doesn’t mean it will solve all the problems that exist in every type of project.  ...

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Project Management Office and its Significance in the Business

Companies and organizations need to establish departments that will take care of the specific responsibility and tasks need to be accomplished at specific time. Having clear cut strategies is key to establishing a competitive advantage over any competition. It sets a benchmark between a business success and its failure. Standardization of project management policies must be achieved through the application of Project Management Office.     A Project Management Office bases its principles, practices and processes on some kind of industry methodologies. And later this will become the source for guidance, documentation and metrics related to the practices involved in...

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