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How to Reach a Successful Project Management Office?

Besides the ever popular project management, the business industry has become ideal domains for more management processes to exist and available for the organizations to use. Project management is never enough, and there are factors and other issues that need another approach. Such approaches or processes are also interconnected with project management and other management disciplines. One of them in project management office.     Project Management Office is a focused unit in an organization that assists project management with identifying issues in order to support and oversee the success of organization results.   The Advantages of Project Management...

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What Are The Functions of Program Management Office?

Most organizations rely on program management office to boost their success as well as the projects within their spectrum. The functions of program management office rely mostly on how it implements processes within the program and the organization. Program management assists changes and delivery of programs and projects and supports through an organization’s overall structure. All components of program management office in the program are taken date by program management office. This also includes the project’s life cycle. Program management office functions have multiple factors that run in every chain of command in every program. These functions serve as a...

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How to Determine Your PMO’s Transparency?

Project Management Office transparency means possessing a clear objective as well as project information, forecast, plans, and life cycles, while at the same time securing sensitive information. There is a need for PMO transparency because, without it, organizations will have a hard time making project collaboration possible.     We already know that for projects to produce results and have a smooth process, PMO transparency has to be present. But at the same time, there are some data that still needs protection due to the organization’s discretion, as well as policy. In other words, everyone needs to know the balance...

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PMO Downsizing and How To Deal With It

Besides deadlines and a failed project success, there is another factor that everyone, especially the project manager, is dreading about: PMO downsizing.   It’s basically the opposite of PMO upsizing where selected employees have to be reduced due to budget constraints, business project and partnerships went kaput, and other factors that weaken the system of the whole organization. PMO downsizing affects different angles of the team as well as its function and it might lower their motivation when one of them has to walk.     As a project manager, it automatically is a given that you’re the bearer...

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PMO Upsizing and How To Take Advantage Of It

Organizations make it a point to look for additional employees to add to their roster of talented teams to take on new projects and tasks; this is a great opportunity for job seekers or to those want to be transferred to another department and work with a new environment. That is why they resort to PMO upsizing — a process where they hire or add someone from a different department to another team to boost that team’s capabilities and manpower.   There are many ways to implement PMO upsizing and usually, it’s the additional employees to make an existing team...

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How to Increase Business Value Using PMO Tools ?

Business value is one of the most commonly desired benefits the organization wants to achieve once the project starts and in full completion. Even we get to identify and realize value, we have to take necessary actions to acquire and later on, utilize it to gain an increase. Project Management Office tools or usually called PMO tools are the answers to this, but they have to be selected, initiated, and sent effective and accordingly to ensure that value. Arming ourselves with the knowledge and its impact on the organization as a whole, and the second step is to pinpoint what...

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