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PMO Upsizing and How To Take Advantage Of It

PMO Upsizing and How To Take Advantage Of It

Organizations make it a point to look for additional employees to add to their roster of talented teams to take on new projects and tasks; this is a great opportunity for job seekers or to those want to be transferred to another department and work with a new environment. That is why they resort to PMO upsizing—a process where they hire or add someone from a different department to another team to boost that team’s capabilities and manpower.



There are many ways to implement PMO upsizing and usually, it’s the additional employees to make an existing team function properly since human resources are valuable tools within the organization.


Adding new project management staff to the team means an increase in the project’s reach as well as a new set of capabilities to combine with the existing manpower. PMO upsizing is also an opportunity for the project team to get new and more creative ideas from the new employees’ contribution.


PMO upsizing not only adds a new member into the mix; from that point on, you, a project manager must ensure that nothing will go wrong and you maintain the working relationship.


New Member Introduction:

Introduce the new member to the team before assigning them with their task. Make sure you have already gathered information with this person so you can provide more than his or her name or hometown to your regular members. Ensure that the new member feels at ease during the introductory session to get his or her bearings.


Existing Members Introduction:

PMO upsizing should also include introducing the new member to your regular members; let him or her know each team member’s responsibilities, skills, and expertise so he or she knows who to consult when he or she has concerns regarding the task or project.


Let Them Know You Are Willing for the Long Haul:

You need to maintain a working relationship with the new member during the PMO upsizing phase. Remember that this person is still starting and you are expected to devote your time getting to know his or her capabilities and expertise as well as how they react to your working environment. Emphasize that you are looking forward to a long-term working opportunity and grow with them. Since you are still in the middle of PMO upsizing, you have to keep in mind to tend to their inquiries and concerns immediately.


Work Together

It’s very important that new members will feel a sense of teamwork once they are introduced to the existing members. Being new is naturally hard because you have to move around and ensure that you are eager to share your own ideas when a situation calls for it. Some members may not be keen of a new kid on the block, but you have to remind everyone that it’s important to work together towards the goal and you won’t tolerate negative treatments to one another. Let the whole team understand PMO upsizing—in the guise of your new member—is the best way to boost your exposure and team skills.


Room for Growth

Once your new members are comfortable enough working with the team, let them do their task. During the PMO upsizing phase, you need to evaluate the new members’ performance regularly as well as how they handle time pressure, disagreements within the team, and sudden changes in the organization. Let them discover their own potential as they transition as effective employees in your team.


The PMO upsizing will still run its constant flow in the following weeks or months to help you assess new members further. If not properly acknowledged, PMO upsizing will be pointless. That is why you need to take care of your new members ensuring they’re aware of what they’re in for and knowledgeable about the project and tasks during this transition.

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