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The Top 10 Qualities of Effective Project Managers

Behind successful IT projects are sleepless project managers. On a serious note though, effective project managers indeed  have a big responsibility of ensuring the project is done timely, the expected result is achieved and budget overrun is avoided.     So what makes an effective Project Manager? Effective Project Managers have Excellent Organization Skills A project manager is expected to be able to plan wisely. It is their responsibility to make sure tasks are delegated properly and the project timeline is met.   Effective Project Managers have Strong Communication Skills Effective leadership calls for strong communication ability. The project...

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How to become an Effective Project Manager?

Management is known as to be very complex as it consists of organizing, planning, staffing, controlling, directing and implementing different resources of the company to achieve its success. These activities seem to be more complicated then what many other people seem to believe. Effective Project Managers are expected to be equipped of the skills needed in leading the company to keep the enterprise running. Here are basic skills that the managers need to know in order to get their job not just done, but well done.     The ABC’s of Management Ken Blanchard, author of “Putting the One...

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How to Continue Staying on Top as a Project Manager?

One of the good qualities of a project manager is constantly looking for ways to improve your managing skills. Professional development isn’t something a project manager takes for granted.  One needs to be motivated and learn to adapt to the ever-growing changes of the project or company as a whole.     Always start with self-evaluation. Generally, as human beings, we must know ourselves. This is the starting line where you need to comprehend the area for improvement, enhancement, and development. The first action you should do in this self-assessment stage is to narrow down your own strengths and...

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Things You Need to Make Your Project Planning Easier

It’s not easy planning and implementing a project. You go through a lot of trial and error stages and if it’s not daunting enough, you must make sure that you need to be keen with details, follow the budget strictly, and spend sleepless nights wracking your brains for potential risks that might pop out of nowhere.     Do you really need a hundred necessities to make the tasks easier? Not really. When it comes to projects, you stick to the tried and tested methods. The less the better. Below are the vital factors you need to prevent yourself...

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Social Project Management: Why Is It Important To Your Business?

As the business industry becomes more and more competitive, companies hired project managers to aid in the success of their business. Regardless of the company’s size, project management organizes the tasks in an orderly fashion from the objective and down to its goals. Additionally, project management helps to increase the business returns by using the minimum resources.     The Low-down on Project Management Project management as a whole refers to a methodology in which there are planning, organizing, and managing tasks or projects involved. Simply put, a job of a person in this area is to ensure the...

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