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The Top 10 Qualities of Effective Project Managers

The Top 10 Qualities of Effective Project Managers

Behind successful IT projects are sleepless project managers. On a serious note though, effective project managers indeed  have a big responsibility of ensuring the project is done timely, the expected result is achieved and budget overrun is avoided.



So what makes an effective Project Manager?

  • Effective Project Managers have Excellent Organization Skills

A project manager is expected to be able to plan wisely. It is their responsibility to make sure tasks are delegated properly and the project timeline is met.


  • Effective Project Managers have Strong Communication Skills

Effective leadership calls for strong communication ability. The project manager should be able to effectively convey the scope, objective and deliverables of the project. It is their duty to keep users and the rest of the project team well informed about the progress, changes and developments of the project.


  • Effective Project Managers have the ability to encourage collaboration of efforts

A collaborative effort among the senior management, the team and the users is very important for the success of the project. Leaders should be able to facilitate well directed discussions making sure everyone works closely together for the project. They are expected to be experts in assigning the tasks to the right members of the team. They set examples by demonstrating the importance of team building through working together for a common goal.


  • Effective Project Managers should have Financial Awareness

Financial resources keep the project running. A good project manager knows how to check the status of the budget making sure deficit of the resources is avoided.


  • Effective Project Managers are Efficient Multi-taskers

Project Team Leaders are expected to be able to work on multiple projects and tasks without sacrificing the quality of the project.


  • Effective Project Managers Value Time as a Nonrenewable Resource

Time is more precious than money – a good leader knows this. They are always punctual and are able to meet deadlines. Leaders drive the team towards making sure the deliverables are completed on time.

  • Effective Project Managers are Quick Thinkers

Project managers should always be mentally prepared. While it is impossible for them to be able to have every solution to all issues that may arise, leaders should have keen analytic skills. They must be able to come up with a good approach in finding solutions to problems in project making.


  • Effective Project Managers are Experienced and Knowledgeable

Quality managers have expertise on their field. They have a clear vision of what needs to be done for the project. They are competent and their knowledge on their field commands respect from their team members.


  • Effective Project Managers are Good Motivators

A good manager is able to motivate team members with a can-do attitude. They are results-driven and inspire their members to always give their best shot.


  • Effective Project Managers Keep Safety First

Safety comes first. The manager should prioritize the safety of the members of the team when completing the project. A good manager conducts risk assessment prior to starting a project.

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