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How to become an Effective Project Manager?

How to become an Effective Project Manager?

Management is known as to be very complex as it consists of organizing, planning, staffing, controlling, directing and implementing different resources of the company to achieve its success. These activities seem to be more complicated then what many other people seem to believe. Effective Project Managers are expected to be equipped of the skills needed in leading the company to keep the enterprise running. Here are basic skills that the managers need to know in order to get their job not just done, but well done.



  • The ABC’s of Management

Ken Blanchard, author of “Putting the One minute Manager to Work” simply put the ABC’s of Management as Activators, Behaviors and Consequences.

“A” stands for activators– it refers to the goals set by the managers to expect people perform well and create a desirable outcome. Just like when project managers give training prior to the delegation of tasks and let them do it the best way their people could.

While “B” refers to behaviors– it is when the people start to behave or perform after being asked by the project managers.

Then “C” for consequences- this is how the project manager responds in relation to the performance that the people elicit. In this scenario, the effective project manager may praise their work or give incentives when the task has been well done or reprimand people for not doing their job, or give them redirection which will let them do the whole process again but giving them the chance to improve their work.

Activator is considered as the main factor that directly affects the performance of people. But recent studies reveal that it is how the managers handle the workforce after committing a mistake that directly influences the behavior and efficiency of people.


  • Problem Solving and Decision Making

Problem solving and decision making are an integral part of business and life. Effective Project Managers need to be knowledgeable of the strategies they need to employ in a particular situation. An organized approach must be used when resolving issues. Project Managers should define first the problem rather react to it abruptly. More so, project managers need to be rational and try to keep personal problems at bay.


  • Planning and Time Management

It is essential for a project manager to know how to make schedules properly. A project managers may be have the privilege to spend time the way as he please, but poor project time management may bring unpleasant outcomes which could lead to a domino effect in the organization. One of the importance of planning activities ahead of time will keep you posted about the tasks and activities that needed to be done. An effective project manager must be realistic and practical in spending his time thus make sure to allot enough time for each activity and task. Contingency time may be added for unexpected meetings, tasks or errands. Lastly, make sure to give time for family and friends to make life balanced and avoid burn out.


  •  Delegation to your Project Team

To be able to complete tasks on time, the project manager should know how to delegate it to the people effectively. Some project managers are reluctant to delegate tasks to their project team because they doubt their co-workers or subordinates or these managers do not have the skills on the delegation of tasks. An Effective project manager should know how to gauge the capabilities and potentials of his team, delegate work with the accurate instructions, and provide moral support. Evaluating their performance and giving feedback may be of good help.


  • Communication Skills

A project manager should be able to communicate effectively with his co-workers or subordinates. Aside from giving clear instructions and positively communicating with them a project manager should also avoid profanity and a “know it all” attitude. Otherwise, the project team would feel that no matter what they do, their work will not be enough and will be demotivated to work harder.


  • Managing Yourself and Leading Your Project Team

Project managers should not forget to detach their actual persona from their managerial persona. It is healthy to have a personal yet professional level kind of relationship with co-workers. Managers take the heat from the higher ups and deliver the lower heat to the lower strand which can make them feel that somehow they are caught in between, especially when giving or passing on a bad news. Never take any issue personally and deal with it as a level headed person and do not let your emotions over rule you.



Managing people is not an easy task. Therefore, an effective project manager must passionate and open to constant self-development. Once a project manager has acquired the skills on how to run, control, direct and  manage a work force, a productive work force will be created.


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