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Top 10 skills on How to be the Best Manager

As a manager, there are specific areas for learning and development that you will want to address to ensure good working relationships with others. It is also helpful to reflect on things you want to develop to be good models for your co-workers.     What are the skills you have to develop as a manager? The definition of vision and how to broadcast it. Most managers forget how to define the vision and leaving the employees work without giving them a clear picture on how it is going to be done. In order for your employees to perform...

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Important Things That A Team Manager Should Know

While some companies seem to be very fruitful and reaping what they sowed, some companies are down and cannot seem to find what went wrong in the business. A plan has been made, people are chosen, budget has been allocated and all the precautionary measures have been done, but still no desirable output has come out.     Mistakes allow people to learn from it. But what are the project blunders which drag most companies to pitfall?   Failing to Delegate: Despite all the efforts being given by the team manager, he cannot do all the tasks by himself....

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How To Become A Successful Project Manager?

Successful project managers get bigger projects, win important clients, and are well respected by their colleagues and bosses. But how can you become more effective, and make sure that you do not miss out on any of these opportunities? Which areas should you focus on?     IT project management is a systematic approach to planning and directing project processes from conception to completion. It requires not only subject matter expertise. It also involves communication skills and people skills. This makes a project manager’s role more complicated than it already is.  So let’s take a look at the skills a...

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How to be a Senior Project Manager: Traits and Responsibilities You Need to be Aware Of

You heard of this adage before: Not all that glitters is gold. This goes to say that though being a senior project manager  is fascinating because of the perks that come with it (high salary, incentives, and allowances), it’s one of the most difficult jobs in the business industry. A responsible and effective senior project manager knows how to execute plans and lead the project and the project team. He or she is required to have an entire knowledge of his or her job, the project, and his or her skills must be cut above the rest.     Senior...

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