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How to be a Senior Project Manager: Traits and Responsibilities You Need to be Aware Of

How to be a Senior Project Manager: Traits and Responsibilities You Need to be Aware Of

You heard of this adage before: Not all that glitters is gold. This goes to say that though being a senior project manager  is fascinating because of the perks that come with it (high salary, incentives, and allowances), it’s one of the most difficult jobs in the business industry. A responsible and effective senior project manager knows how to execute plans and lead the project and the project team. He or she is required to have an entire knowledge of his or her job, the project, and his or her skills must be cut above the rest.



Senior project managers are always on the go, and their heads are always brimming with new ideas for projects as well as tending to the problems within his or her team. If you are up for this position, you need to be aware and ready for the duties that you need to fulfill on the long run. Here is the list of obligations a senior project manager that he or she needs to meet.


  • Administer the Project’s Details

One of the main duties, when you become a senior project manager, is to provide all the information about the project to your team. This includes the processes, resources to use, and time. Ensure that no one is left behind in the task and everyone in the team understands the whole concept of the project by asking questions and consulting the skills of your members fit for the following tasks.


  • Set  practical goals

You should refrain from demanding goals that are impossible to achieve. A senior project manager’s goal lies on practicality and conciseness. You should give specific goals rather than hand out vague hints on what you want to achieve in this particular project.


  • A Leader and a Guide

A senior project manager is not only a leader—you don’t only have the capabilities to lead the entire team but also have the desire to help your subordinates reach their full potential. If you wanted to be one, you need to guide the team in order for them to comprehend the project’s concept entirely.


  • Resource Savvy

Another responsibility of an effective senior project manager is to determine the various resources needed for the project. You must know exactly which of these resources are useful or just a waste of time. Additionally, you also know how to conserve and utilize them.


  • Assessing and Updating Projects

A senior project manager does not sit in one place and let the whole project process go on its own. You must oversee the changes of the whole operation from start to finish in preventing drastic errors that can sabotage the project. Within this obligation is your ability to troubleshoot issues and identify potential risks before they could happen.


  • Keeping Abreast of the Newest Trends Related to the Project

Researching and learning about new tools/software, resources, and web-based applications in relation to the project or proper project management are another job developments that you need to keep track of if you want to join the ranks of senior project managers. It shows that you are enhancing your skills and knowledge for the sake of the project’s success.


  • Communicating Within the Team

You need to diligently talk with the team and listen to their ideas that they want to bring to the table. A good and effective senior project manager implements a proper communication chain within the team to make sure everyone’s working together and are fully aware of their required tasks. This key area also means that he or she settles disputes between the members and the issues the team is facing regularly.


  • Use Tools and Strategies Effectively

Senior project managers don’t waste their precious time tinkering with tools or strategies that don’t do justice to the project. They choose and if it does not work, they immediately put it away and try more alternatives. Once you are able to determine these tools and strategies as applicable to the operation, you need to stick to it and find ways to make it more efficient and flexible.


  • Always Set a Good Example

Remember, to become a senior project manager, you do not only know how to lead, but you also need to have a good head on your shoulders. It always starts with you. Don’t be that higher-up who gets flack for being too relaxed or apathetic. Treating your team members like slaves doesn’t get you an award for being hardworking. Respect them and you get one in return. Always keep your ground and show your team that you are someone they can get along with and look up to.


If you think you have all these characteristics and responsibilities, then maybe it’s time to take that path. A word to the wise, though: there are instances that situations just pop up and since they are not included in the list above, always be ready for the trial that might come your way once you are paving the road to becoming a senior project manager. If you think that you are not fit for the job, don’t let it get to you. Give time to develop your skills. There are thousands of resources that can help you become a senior project manager. Research, learn and apply.  Start now.


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