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Important Things That A Team Manager Should Know

Important Things That A Team Manager Should Know

While some companies seem to be very fruitful and reaping what they sowed, some companies are down and cannot seem to find what went wrong in the business. A plan has been made, people are chosen, budget has been allocated and all the precautionary measures have been done, but still no desirable output has come out.



Mistakes allow people to learn from it. But what are the project blunders which drag most companies to pitfall?


  • Failing to Delegate:

Despite all the efforts being given by the team manager, he cannot do all the tasks by himself. So he has to ask someone to do it. By not giving the responsibility to the people makes it more problematic. People who are inexperienced may not perform their tasks really well. In order to address this, it’s either to hire someone who is more knowledgeable, or give training programs to the employees. Task delegation allows the team manager to multiply the amount of work and letting them finish at the desired time. Task delegation also creates opportunities to people to develop their skills.

  • Lack of Support:

Everyone needs support, be it morally or financially, if the people are not being supported, the tendency is that they will become demotivated at work and it lead to inefficiency. They would feel depreciated and would make them out of focus.

  • Multitasking:

Team managers may do multitasking but it will somehow affect the quality of the product. Doing something half-heartedly will eventually make the process poor because there is no focus.

  • Lack of Communication:

Most employees do not have the clue on what is going on and the team manager has to inform them. Knowledge is a powerful tool to keep them focused and driven. Team managers need to communicate with their people on a regular basis and must let them ask when they do not understand something.

  • Vagueness:

Effective performance always starts with clear goals. Without this, the whole process will have no direction, thus will have no future. If the employees are not informed, the tendency would be they will be just neglecting quality in doing the tasks because they are not informed of where the project is leading.

  • Unrealistic Timeline:

Team managers must be sensible enough to create a time table with accurate time for everything and make sure that these goals can be achieved on time specified.

  • Know it all:

Team managers who pretend to be all knowing and can do everything themselves will leave them doing all the tasks. Team managers must be open to suggestions that could be given by the team members. They may have great ideas more than what a team manager may think of.

  • Having no assessment plans:

A team manager must always be prepared with the criteria and the necessary equations to keep track the performance of the team members. Having none will make the people be lazy and just come up with something without quality.

  • Use of Software:

Team managers must be equipped in using software to make their work easier. Team managers must avoid expensive software when you can use the cheaper ones with the same features.

  • No Outline:

The team managers must always have metrics to outline success and how the processes must be completed. It serves as the guide map of the whole project team.

  • Non Recognition:

Recognition is one way to motivate the employees to work harder. This is something that they can look forward to. It may be a personal letter or a certificate. It will help boost the morale of an employee.

  • Failing to Learn:

Because most team managers aim for financial success, they harden their attitudes after they become team managers. If the team manager does not allow learning to take place, it will drive the company to failure.

  • Resisting Change:

No one can resist change and everyone must accept that. Team managers have to flexible and manage situations. Trying to concentrate on what can be done to make things better will be more practical approach.

  • Going for a quick fix rather than a long lasting solution:

Most team managers do the shortcuts and leading them to nowhere. They like to fix things without studying it very well. The tendency would be, the problem will just resurface. The team manager has to look at the entire system and find the source to come up with a more detailed resolution.

  • Taking it all too seriously:

Due to the gravity of the responsibilities that a team manager has to take, the team managers carry it on their shoulders and forgetting that they also life and they need to relax. Maintaining sense of humor will make the workplace happier. Attending parties once in a while will help the mind chill and energized when going back to work.



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