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Tag: Project Management Best Practices

How to Survive a Difficult Project Negotiation?

Conflicts happen everywhere you go. You might encounter it on a daily basis when you are working on a project or propose a PMO to your superiors. But usually, the people that we are working with and working for tend to be the cause of such projects to abruptly go to a screeching halt.     Project negotiation is one of the processes your project needs to go through in order to fulfill the expected result and success. Engagement with both team members and stakeholders will supplement a project negotiation, but they can get in the way if there...

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The 10 Important Laws Of a Good Project Management

So you are now part of the project management team. In fact, you are the project leader, a project manager, who’s responsibilities managing your own team, spearheading a project, and managing available resources. But here comes the hard part: how to make your project successful?     Organizations make it a point to embed mission statements as well as principles or practices that they want their employees to embrace. Such existing factors help different divisions in the organization to remain relevant and to be able to achieve success by sticking to their tried and tested principles.   But what do...

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How to Use Project Portfolio Dashboard And Avoid Common Mistakes?

Project portfolio dashboard is an effective tool used to track metrics and progress within the spectrum of an organization’s portfolio. It also gives perspective on the status of the projects as well as funds and milestones. Project portfolio dashboards help understand how tasks mirror with the organization’s objectives. They serve as storytellers for both the process and progress of portfolios and projects. However, some don’t use project portfolio dashboards properly, so they end up being ineffective. There is clearly no sense to pursue something you don’t have full knowledge of, let alone what are the exact details you are...

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What Does a Business Case Do in a Project?

A business case is often overlooked during the implementation of projects and programs; mainly because people don’t have the in-depth knowledge or they find it a waste of time to see it as another means of pushing the project into the right direction.     A business case serves a reference for projects and programs wherein it is represented by a structure that is made of resources, costs, schedule, and other elements involved in a project or program. The resources consumed should be supported by a business need as a result. Another factor of a business case is that...

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How to Make Project Meetings More Effective and Worth Participating?

Project meetings have never been a favorite among teams. People who believe that nothing productive comes up with it and they tend to have a close mind and claim that project meetings are boring, monotonous, and dreadful. When you have this kind of people during meeting sessions, don’t expect to acquire input from them.     Even you use your leadership prowess and project management influences, project meetings are still hard to facilitate, not only to the fact that you need to plan an agenda, but there is a concern with participants who’d rather sit in a corner and...

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How to Solve Your Project Problems With These 3 Management Ps ?

With the responsibilities being put to managers, they are still subjected to limited mindsets such as the common misconception that they are basically people managers. Granted that one of the duties of project managers is to manage people as well as leading a team, control, and monitor resources, and implement processes.     Numerous project managers acquire their certification from the Project Management Institution (PMI), AXELOS or IPMA. On the other hand, some project managers take additional education such as a Masters Degree. These certain mindsets are one of the reasons that some people underestimate the idea that being...

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