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Tag: Project Management Best Practices

The 5 Mistakes of New Project Teams

One of the strongest foundations of project teams is that they always need to take into high regard is communication and teamwork. Having the branches of these two factors will help teams overcome hurdles in projects as well as build a stronghold of growth and working relationships. It’s not really an easy feat for the project team to maintain such relationships; even building new project teams is no exception to the rule. There is a misconception that new project teams are easy—all you have to do is pluck someone and put them there. Assign a team leader and you’re good to...

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The Need for Project Managers in Every Organization

Every organization will tell you that a project manager is one of the strongest factors of any project. Whether the project was a success or a failure, project managers are instrumental to the organization’s stable hierarchy and are still one of the most coveted jobs in the industry.     Project managers have numerous roles and responsibilities to fill and possess multiple experts under their belt, but project managers who do the standard project management approach are a force to be reckoned with—mainly because project managers who resort to these certain methods have more advantage when it comes to detecting...

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How to Build and Achieve a High-Level Project Culture?

Every organization in the globe develops a project culture to finish tasks or schedule and maintain a good working relationship among its employees and clients. It’s one of the factors that make up a successful organization. The absence of project culture can make an organization hard to function as a whole.     A project culture can be defined as a set of common beliefs, values, and practices held by the people involved in the organization. It also provides policies on how project teams finish the project within time and resource constraints. The organization’s culture is a stronghold that...

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The Most Effective Steps to Improve Knowledge Management

Organizations give a strong tie to multi-disciplinary concepts when it comes to knowledge management. This concept arose and rapidly spread by consulting organizations to other disciplines.  Knowledge management is the process of gathering information through using variety of tools.     This gathered information is then distributed and effectively used in the advantage of the realization of the goals of a company. The use of internet and technology made is possible to store the gathered information and access it when necessary. The central thrust of knowledge management is to connect across within organizations and to share and manage information...

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Top 10 skills on How to be the Best Manager

As a manager, there are specific areas for learning and development that you will want to address to ensure good working relationships with others. It is also helpful to reflect on things you want to develop to be good models for your co-workers.     What are the skills you have to develop as a manager? The definition of vision and how to broadcast it. Most managers forget how to define the vision and leaving the employees work without giving them a clear picture on how it is going to be done. In order for your employees to perform...

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Project Management Triangle : How to Manage Project Constraints?

Constraints may arise anytime along the process of the project. Time, cost and scope are the constraints of a project management triangle which need focus. A triangle is used to illustrate inter relationships of the components and how to deal with the issues that may arise concerning these. These components may not change but any possible decision to be made and modifications will be based on this diagram.     The Three Sides of the Project Management Triangle The Project management triangle has three elements: the time, cost and scope. Each element affects the whole process and the entire...

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