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The 6 Common Mistakes of Project Management You Need to Avoid

The 6 Common Mistakes of Project Management You Need to Avoid

Managing a project isn’t a piece of cake. You encounter different issues like time constraints and half-baked fulfillment of the task and adding to the burden are team members who can’t seem to prioritize their primary duties assigned to them.



These predicaments are going to balloon into a bigger problem unless they are fixed as soon as possible. Even with the emergence of project management software and other related web resources, these six common mishaps listed below are something that technology-driven tools cannot entirely solve.


  • Resources and methods that do not match the project

Grabbing resources that are deemed useless to the project at hand is one of the blunders that project managers and team members commit. If you have the skills to match, you must also have the resources that are parallel to what you are and your team is working on. This goes to your methods as well. Throw your own preferences at the window and focus on what will be the most effective method for the project to run, not what is easy for you. You need to do a trial run of all these to ensure you are not using resources and methods that eating your time. Make a list, sit down, and ask yourself if these are going to aid you in the project.


  • Lack of experience 

A project manager must not only be experienced in the technical and managing area, but he or she must also be capable of communicating with his or her team members as well as competent enough to handle the complicated process of the project. If the person in charge is not even confident to establish morale among his or her team, the whole solid foundation will crumble. It also is a given to the project manager to have full knowledge of the operations, resources, and the possible risks and outcomes of the tasks.


  • Process  negligence

Once the project is implemented, the team is expected to put as much effort on the task once it started. This also means that team members should adapt to the changes and are willing to do extra work. The project manager should also be around to check the progress and the team members should update one in return. There won’t be any process if the whole team does not make it happen.


  • Too many changes 

Another goal of the project is to make the changes as few as possible to prevent another time restraint. Requesting frequently for changes will impact the flow of the project and that also means another workload. Limit the changes as little as possible and there are any, it should be always at the attention of the project manager so they will be resolved immediately.


  • Unclear objective

Setting an objective is the first thing the team should prioritize before building up the project. It has to be specific and realistic. Absences of such can cause the whole thing to be all over the place, resulting in a sloppy output. Having a clear goal  means you are not feeling the walls in the dark and you have a clear sense of the process and the needed resources.


  • Focusing on only one task

There are multiple tasks involved in a project and as a project manager, you should be updated on the changes and the ongoing process.  Even these various tasks are running at the same speed, you must remember that they only share one objective, so you need to round up all the operations and make sure that changes are tended and no slip-ups can happen.


Mistakes are inevitable, but avoiding the following blunders will make the task easier and clearer. Project management is no easy feat and it takes more than one person to make the results flawless. That is why the list mentioned above gives you an in-depth look to prevent the mistakes that some project team is guilty of making. Be a team that sets the best example in your industry. Always remember: know what you are doing, double your effort, and communicate with each other.


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