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Get Ready for These IT Project Management Interview Questions

Get Ready for These IT Project Management Interview Questions

Effective and competent project managers have already shown what they are made of even before they do their roles and responsibilities. In this case, the first stage in determining if an individual is qualified to do the job is through an interview. And for project managers, it’s an opportunity to showcase what they got. Job interviews are meant to stimulate an applicant’s skill set, expertise, knowledge, as well as a reaction to particular questions that can be often nerve-wracking. The interview is the crucial stage of determining an applicant’s worth and ability to fulfill his or her duty. If you want to be a project manager, there are some IT project management interview questions that you need to be fully prepared for. Nothing kills a good interview than a badly-prepared answer, which can be a turn off to the interviewer. Especially if you’re vying for a project management position, it’s essential that you are prepared for the type of questions the employer will hurl at you.



IT Project Management Interview Questions

Below are some of the most common IT project management interview questions that will help you anticipate every unexpected moment. Take note that these IT project management interview questions are not the exact ones you will encounter on your actual job interview. These are just general questions that are often used during interviews.

Some employers divide their questions based on a skill set or ability. So, we will do it just that in this article.


IT Project Management Interview Question 1 – Technical Competency

Technical competency ranges from different areas. It could mean an applicant proficiency in a certain program or software or his or her knowledge and capability in his or her field such as, teaching and engineering. In the modern age where almost every process is run by technology, organizations are seeking hires who can juggle different software, online applications, as well as default programs such as Microsoft Excel and Word.

Questions such as “On a scale of 1-10, how proficient are you in Planning Tools?” is an example of the technical proficient query and this is usually followed by a more specific inquiry such as “How long have you been using the tool? What sort of task do you use it for?”

Below are examples of IT project management interview questions under the proficient section:

  • How do you utilize resources?
  • What’s your standard in managing a project?
  • What do you know about project management?

The key here to answer these questions without sounding like you have nothing to offer is to have your own set of methodologies, something that is basic and a mix of your own. Employers appreciate an applicant who is fully aware of the project management practices, yet at the same time, self-aware of his or her own practices that he or she can incorporate in his or her future projects and team.


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IT Project Management Interview Question 2 – Interpersonal and Communication Skills

Projects involve a lot of engagement from your team members down to your clients or stakeholders. So it’s not surprising that this particular project management interview question is included in this roster. Communication in general in project management isn’t just confined in one key area. The questions that you should anticipate include both internal and external communication issues and the like.

Interpersonal skill questions can include the following queries:

  • How do you handle office/work politics?
  • How do/did you deal with two stakeholders who don’t agree with each other’s views and ideas?

Note that queries like these tend to have additional specific questions and sometimes will probe you to tell your own experience based on that question.

As for communication skills, most are focused on how you handle the team and settle issues on both internal and external hierarchy.

IT project management interview questions under communication skills can include:

  • What are or were the communication hurdles you and your team have experienced?
  • Do you have a particular communication system within your team? How does it work?

Questions like these test the applicant’s capability to communicate with his or her team members, as well as external parties in a project such as hired engineers or consultants. It also evaluates a candidate’s ability to handle challenging situations.


IT Project Management Interview Question 3 – Client Orientation

One of the key roles of a project manager is to understand what the client needs and expects. He or she must be a good listener and be keen on details provided by the client. Employers usually give situational questions to an applicant to assess how he or she handles clients in a particular scenario.

Additionally, questions will surely pop. Examples of IT project management interview questions in this area are:

  • How do you and your team meet the client’s expectations?
  • What is the most effective method in improving and developing client relationship and engagement?
  • How do you deal with a client who is strongly opposing your suggestion?

Again, the following questions are usually followed by another line of questions to further support your answers and for the employer to assess your skills in this area. This will give them an idea of your style when it comes to dealing with customers, especially those that are hard to please and deal with.

Some specific questions are found below:

  • Are you experienced or trained in supply chain management?
  • Tell me about your project’s latest goals.
  • Do you manage people or projects or both?

Additionally, it’s possible the interview will ask about your past endeavors to unearth your project and business skills.

  • What do you do when your projects fail?
  • How do you handle your contingency plan?
  • What were the hurdles on your last project?
  • What happens when a project didn’t go according to plan?
  • What kind of closure procedure you have done?


IT project management interview questions | project manager interview questions | Project Management | Project Management Blog


IT Project Management Interview Question 4 – Time Management

Time is crucial for projects and employers need to ensure that you, as an applicant, know how to handle their time well. This determines how you organize your schedule in projects. Coming into the interview late is a red flag for employers. Remember: you are already creating an impression before you even walk in that interviewer’s door.

IT project management interview questions to ponder that is relevant to time management are:

  • How do you make sure that the project stays within the timeframe?
  • What do you do when there’s a delay in project delivery?
  • How do you save time during the project operation?

It may sound mundane, but time is essential in project management. Employers want to make sure they’re not hiring someone who doesn’t handle their time properly.


IT Project Management Interview Question 5 – Handling Common Issues

Some IT project management interview questions are purely dedicated to situational events that pertain to common issues occurring in projects. This is to assess an applicant on his or her ability to handle tough situations and find ways to resolve the issue. Some employers initiate a creativity test—usually this is done by advertising or real estate companies where applicants are asked what type of person that wants to buy an apartment complex or an organic soap.


Preparedness is next to being a responsible applicant. When you are prepared, it shows not just in the way you move your body and twist your face, but by your answers in the interview as well. The interviewer greatly appreciates these types of applicants, which make them consider hiring them on the spot.


You can use these IT project management interview questions on your next session as a warm-up. Be familiar with it so that once when you sat down on that chair on the other side of the table, you are ready to tackle all the questions the employer is throwing at you. Never underestimate the power of being always prepared.




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