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How to Manage Tasks and Resources in The Project Pipeline ?

How to Manage Tasks and Resources in The Project Pipeline ?

Every organization wants to see and experience a successful project or program. This is also a great advantage to hem when it comes to business partnerships with other organizations in the industry. But project planning and execution are not easy feats; with so many risks and changes involved, every task is processed with utmost care and resources need to be conserved since the organization doesn’t have that much of a luxury to provide sufficient resources to every existing project.

But projects are considered the lifeline of an organization. Coming up with one is easy, but the resources need to be utilized and conserved at the same time. A set of management processes is needed to ensure that the following available resources are used properly. More work means more resource issues, so setting assessment and managing these resources is very crucial.



In order to manage your project pipeline, it must be free of issues. For these issues not to disrupt the flow of the project pipeline, it must be dealt head-on and you need to look for the best solutions to resolve it. The project pipeline must undergo different processes as well as the resources involved in it. That is why there exists of what everyone knows in the project management world as governance—a process that sets proper and clear decisions on the projects to prioritize and it also provides a guide for an effective project pipeline.



Governance gives structure or a set of a system for the organization and how task’s performance are evaluated and how objectives will be fulfilled. The person in charge, the project manager, should provide reports to the high-level executives or stakeholders for them to be able to fully comprehend the objectives as well as the overall operation of the project. Your governance boundaries should contain a priority process when it comes to existing projects. This will serve as your project pipeline’s layout for the user the necessary process within the governance.


Human Resource

The most important and significant aspects of your project pipeline are your team. Above all else, organizations still value manpower, despite the advent of countless technologies to make project management easier. However, your team members should also need to be managed. In this case, identify their key strengths and use them to assign to tasks that mirror their capabilities. You need to have a balance of your human resource because too much of it can cause a collapse in your project pipeline.


How to Align Your Resources with Your Project Pipeline


  • Know What Projects to Prioritize

Immediately determine and focus on a project is the most important. You will be able to do this once you have set up your governance. It should undergo a cycle of selection that starts the organization; strategies, the business objectives, and projects. After that, the cycle will analyze the following resources, risks, and values. Run some questions when you are choosing which will be your priority. The project that meets the organizational strategy is usually considered a priority.


  • Set Realistic Expectations

Don’t promise that a task or project will eventually finish on the given date. You have to be honest to your stakeholders that some projects cannot finish on the set schedule and push it forward on that exact date is proved impossible. Stakeholders often argue that the time they provided are sufficient; that is why you need to set a middle foundation within your project pipeline and use it as some sort of backup schedule. Focus on the goal, rather on the time itself. This will help you set a proposed date to your stakeholders. Say the project will end on the28th of November, but you already finished it three days before that. Do not be overly enthusiastic with promises; rather set a date and commit to finishing a task days or weeks before that.


  • Leave Some Wiggle Room

You also need some room to adjust in your project pipeline in case of unforeseen circumstances. You also need the same wiggle room for your tasks and milestones before drawing your project into completion.


  • Don’t Scrimp on Software Tools

Invest in software tools or web-based applications to help you manage your project, schedule, and even your project pipeline. The following technical tools should be appropriate to your needs. Don’t invest in software that you cannot use in your future projects. Research the following tools to select which one is best suited for the project.


  • Implement an Effective Risk Management Strategy

Risks are everywhere and it can be triggered by your team’s doing or an issue with the resources. Identify the following strengths, weaknesses, risks, and opportunities of that will appear in your project pipeline and always be prepared for your solutions.


  • Identify Your Competition

Getting to know your competition and their own strategies and product or service will give you an advantage to do a turnaround in your projects. It will also help you gather useful data that you can feed to your project pipeline.


  • Ask Help From The External Sources

Sometimes, you need help from people who are not directly part of the organization. Consultants, engineers, and other external teams can help you provide an extra set of hands to operate the project and manage the resources. This means spending a little money for the hiring process, but they are one of the best investments you will ever have. Their skills will add more efficiency in your tasks and process and the project pipeline will be a lot easier to handle.


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