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PMO Implementation: The 4 Stages You Need to Know

PMO Implementation: The 4 Stages You Need to Know

PMO implementation is tricky and there are numerous factors to consider before even jumping aboard that ship. If you are thinking to hire a consultant to do the work, you might also have other sets of factors to take into account. These are very crucial since this has something to do with the changes with the project’s process and can be with the organization’s overall structure as well.



PMO implementation involves a staged method—meaning there should be stages to facilitate and implement in order for such PMO to take into full effect. Ask any project management consultants and they will tell you the following benefits and roles of staged methods are:

  • Provides help in overcoming changes
  • Access to lessons learned during the early stages
  • Builds a stronghold of information towards enterprise-level information

Project management consultants are also aware that PMO implementation and structures are tailor-made; it depends on the organization where PMO implementation takes place. Such general models don’t exist and such structures only manifest once it is embedded into the system of a certain organization.

The purpose of the PMO staging method is to fully and clearly identify the features of the project as well as possible risks and issues, issues with project teams so that there will be respective solutions for each element. Below are the four stages of PMO implementation.


PMO Implementation Stages:

  • PMO Initiation

The first stage is where identification of the organization’s overall structure and the system is done; getting to know your organization—from its maturity level—to its current stance in the industry occurs in the initiation stage. Your organization starts its engine and the people in charge of the stages should identify the possible risks and issues that can undermine the process all the while come up with solutions.


  • PMO Project-Level Installation

From the word itself, project-level installation is focused on project-based factors and processes such as control and monitor processes, resources, teams, and tasks. The second stage of PMO implementation is gathered from the data acquired from the first stage and in turn, officially builds PMO. This is also where PMO protocols are set, along with task information, website, and another PMO-related system. From this stage, teams and managers are armed with proper training and deployment of tasks so that they can proceed to the next stage.


  • PMO Enterprise-Level Installation

The third stage is focused on the tools to use for implementing the project’s portfolio. Such tools include metrics that measure or manage the project and its rate of success as well as timeframe, funds, and resources. Every component has their own metrics with various purposes and results. Metrics usually provide information regarding the project’s status and acts as a support system for decisions that can affect the project components and results. The Enterprise-Level Installation is also the stage where PMO teams are handed the tasks required to for the project process which includes monitoring and updating processes.


  • PMO Maintenance and Continuous Improvement

This is the most crucial stage of PMO implementation since it involves the regular duties as well as embedding the system into the project and the organization. The Maintenance stage is where everything is officially laid out for the process: project and PMO implementation, setting up organizational goals, resources are fully managed, and teams are deployed in their designated tasks. From here on, the managers and team must monitor possible risks and threats that will undermine the process, as well as stick to the standards, unless there are changes to be made.


These PMO implementation stages must be followed at all times in order for such action to be effective and successful. Each stage must be monitored to keep risks and threats at bay. Take into account the fact that PMO implementation is an approach to help strengthen your project and organization for a very long time.

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